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    C.C. Mobile Detailing is a fully mobile auto detailing company, serving St. Paul and surrounding area. You do not need to be home, have water, or electricity available. It is as simple as scheduling a time and a place that is appropriate for you! We will communicate with you before and after every service, making sure you are completely satisfied with the work provided. Our attention to detail and safe, effective cleaning methods, will make sure your vehicle has gone from DESECRATED to CONSECRATED. Just unlock the door, and we'll take care of the rest! Below you will find some helpful packages to make the process easier. If you have any questions, or want a specific detail that is not listed, just reach out and we can discuss some options for you.

 Below are three packages, the first two, are for in depth cleaning. The far left (Consecrated) is a complete overhaul of your entire vehicle. The blue highlights show what is included that the package in the middle (Deliverance), does not have. The far right (Cleanse) is for maintenance, keeping your detailed vehicle in immaculate condition. Since the vehicle was brought back to such a beautiful state, the work needed is less, which is reflected in the price. Cleanse is not a package you can select without having a previous service completed. Thanks for choosing Consecrated Clean Mobile Detailing

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Throw the book at it

Starting at
$525 Small Coupe/Sedan
$575 Large Truck, Van or SUV

*Pricing may vary, dependent on condition of vehicle 





Serious Deep Clean and Conditioning

Starting at
$420 Small Coupe/Sedan
$450 Large Truck, Van Or SUV

*Truck bed not included, prices may vary based on condition of vehicle





Maintenance Of Interior And Exterior

Starting at
$200 Small Coupe/Sedan
$225 Large Truck, Van or SUV

*Only for vehicles maintained by C.C. Detailing LLC. For Recurring Customers



***For Well-kept and Regularly Detailed Vehicles. Not for Deep Cleaning. May Change on Condition of Vehicle

We use Premium Products that Produce Amazing Results

Protecting Your Vehicle and its Value

Interior Only/Consecrated Package

Starting at

$275 Small Coupes/Sedans

$300 Large Vans/Trucks/SUV's

*Prices may change based on condition / full service detail

 Standard Exterior Wash and Wax

Starting at

$125 Small Coupes/Sedans

$150 Large Vans/Trucks/SUV's

Comes with paint detox, removes rust contaminates, claying

  Rims, wells, calipers, tires + rubber shine included.

Mini Interior


Dependent on time, must see vehicle for quote



Headlight Restoration

$100 for Both Headlights

Requires 12-24 Hour Cure, Dependent on Weather

Undercarriage Wash


Engine Bay Cleaning


Ceramic Coatings

Coming Soon

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Being mobile has its benefits and its downfalls. If you live in a residential neighborhood where homes are close together or in an apartment complex, neighbors may be upset with the noises. In an effort to remain respectful and mitigate these issues in apartment areas, we ask that you allow us, or yourself, to move the vehicle to the furthest area away, but still in complex parking. If you live in a residential home area, we ask you to let us connect to your electricity. This will take away the noise from the generator that powers the pressure washer and assorted tools to complete the job. 


Working on your vehicle requires elbow grease, love, and time. Depending on your vehicles state, and what package you have selected, you can expect anywhere from 2 to 8 hours for job completion. As a small veteran owned business startup, serving you is a great privilege. We promise to not cut corners and deliver the highest quality work possible. A vehicles interior, if is in very bad condition, could take 4 hours. If you want to know an estimate of times for your vehicle, please reach out and ask. 


Leaving your keys with your detailer allows for a better job on your windows, and shifter area. Some vehicles may not function some of the power seats without keys, although this is not often. If the top of the windows being cleaned is not an issue to you, you can refrain from leaving your keys with your detailer and vehicle.

What to Expect

Expect fantastic work! We use safe washing techniques that do not scratch or cause damage to your vehicles exterior or interior. Air tools are primarily used in the beginning of the detail to remove debris and dirt from your upholstery, causing much less damage than mechanical brushing techniques. Premium clean microfiber clothes are used on your entire vehicle, and premium chemicals that do not harm the vehicle.

Keep us Informed!

 If there is something that you want us to pay specific attention too, let us know! We will be diligent in making that a reality for you. Leave us a review! If there is anything we did wrong, let us know and we will make it right.

Discount Program

We appreciate you for bringing us business!

Veterans get $25 off Consecrated or Deliverance packages.

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